About Us


Best China’s menu includes a variety of courses gathered from Chinese Four Cardinal directions: Dong, Xi, Nan, & Bei. Every dish has its own special seasoning from different provinces which gives the food an exceptional taste. For example, Mongolian Chicken is cooked in a define pan that brings out the Mongolian barbecue taste. Hunan Beef is from the province of Shaolin, the state of the Monks. Dining at Best China is the same as visiting the entire country of China. 

Best China was originally a part of the chain, Good China. However, the main and “best” chief of the chain can only be located at one location; therefore, he acknowledged it would be best to create his own family restaurant. At last, he created Best China. The chief believes that “the only way to make it best is to make good better.” In that case, we call the restaurant Best China to remind us our commitment to have our food unique and delicious with quality. With all of the above facts, we promise our guests an unforgettable dining experience every time you visit us.